policarbonato plexiglass
2008 cm base 34 x 34 x 8 scultura altezza cm 30 - base in. 13.40 x 13.40 x 3.15 sculpture high in. 11.82
value € 850

Cataldo Malcangi attended the Free Course of True Drawing and Painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Bari. Then he attended the theoretical and practical Course of Iconography at the Massa Marittima's diocese near Piombino. He was selected at the 2nd edition  of the International Painting Prize  "Arte Laguna" 2007, with the sponsorship of Fine Arts Academy of Venezia. Actually the artist works in the heart of Torino. He examines closely the research-experimentation of painting and sculpture.

Curator's Advice:

installation or sculpture. The phenomenon of installations is born in the survey of contemporary art. It is not sculpture and not painting or other. Often it is based on juxtaposition of objects and systems which execute some function. In that case you can see the sculpture and the installation that works for the first.

The artist sheds light on himself. He draws attention to himself. His body and his essence which is disclosed in the body tearing and almost decomposing it. Is the artist waiting or is he absorbed in quiet contemplation? Is the artist selfpraising or is he simply laying himself bare?

The contemporary asks almost exclusively questions on the artist himself who, has Warhol said, had fifteen minutes of popularity at least one time in his life. Art is the pompous  stage crowded of vague human figures which greet smile and go on , as the great Master Fellini showed before.

The God, who dictates his themes to the artist who could have rewealed his skills only trought them, is dead. The King is naked and the artist adapts himself. The "creative" tries to get a sacred semblance and sheds light on himself in this contest of general levelling, or he sarcastically sneers at people which crave for that favoured condition.

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