The President of the Regional Council of Veneto Mr. Roberto Ciambetti has commissioned to the artist Prof. Mario Eremita an artwork to be representative of the political and administrative tradition of Region of Veneto. He commissioned an artwork to use for the Council's Etiquette.

This initiative lies among the most common in the historical traditions of the Repubblica Veneta. It was consider as useful way to divulge and demostrate, by the synthesis of the artistic representation, all the authoritativeness of Venezia.

Drawing mixed technique oil and chalk on paper cm 50x70; this work will be the mold to reproduce art prints glicée on paper cm 30x40 and 20x30.

The work is based on "Ferro Fini" Palace, nowaday it is the seat of the Regional Council of Veneto. The drawing represents the Palace at the back of the winged Lion of San Marco. The Lion has the open book under his forelegs. The opened book means that we are in peace. On the background the flag of Serenissima Republic of Venezia.

Veneto's impetus is dedicated to the traditional symbols of the Veneto's Public Administration. The winged Lion of San Marco poses with proud on the Gonfalon of the Serenissima and it seethes into the liquid atmosphere of the venetian lagoon. The geometry of "Ferro Fini" Palace brings back to the good governance's exactness, passions and ideals of the veneto people.