Artistic Crib, mixed technique scenic composition of Nativity; cm 120 x 70 x 75 year 2015

The Mario Eremita's Artistic Crib adds to the other sacred works by this very talented artist. Made during 2014 and 2015, the work was exhibited at the San Moisé Church in Venezia ( San Marco ) from december 19/2015 to january 19/2016. look at the press communiqué

Unique speciment made by the artist with mixed technique.

The artist used:
wood, chalk and french clay; dimensions are cm 120 x 70 x 75 ( height ); the work is made by a scenography inspired to the middle east and by 31 ( thirty-one ) human and animal figures; the set is philologically studied to respect the christian tradition.

Every part of this work is made by the artist Mario Eremita and manually painted by the same artist, it is a single piece.

The Crib is equipped with leds lighting supply 220v.

The Artistic Crib by Mario Eremita is made with humble and recycled materials, very common in a carpenter's workshop: old wooden planks, a little table, some chalk and some clay.

The preciousness is not in the mere matter but in the contents, in the values that this work is inspiring.

The scene is setted into his ideal seat, a little foreshortening of Betlemme where the buildings are tipical with their white walls and domed roofs.

The idealized proportions stand out figures more than architecture and figures are leading actors. There are 31 clay sculptures molded and painted by all the strong and undmistakable Eremita's worthy. The artist adds to the passion for details a funny bit of levity that you can appreciate in the cat's pose and in the musicians singing the trumpets announcing the event.

It is a composition that makes curious and fascinates. It is due to the plastic poses, to the colors, to the clothings. This Artistic Crib is absolutely contemporary, although in his classic appearance. This work by Mario Eremita shows us a tired Maria, from the journey, from the deprivations, from childbirth but she is serenely intent to breastfeeding.

Artistic Crib by Mario Eremita
The Sacred Nativity in Betlemme